Bernd H. Klose
Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht
Deutscher Repräsentant von FraudNet
Certified Fraud Examiner

International Fraud

Victims of white collar crime (breach of trust, embezzlement, fraud, corruption, product- and trademark piracy) are not devoid of all rights, even where the perpetrators abscond with the assets to another country. Significant expertise is required particularly for recovering assets in another country.

Attorney-at-law Mr. Bernd H. Klose is the sole German member of FraudNet, the worldwide network of leading attorneys in the field of combating and prosecuting international white collar crime under the umbrella of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

In cooperation with some 50 colleagues from over 40 countries of the world, the assets of which the victim was deprived can be secured and recovered even from offshore sites regarded as safe havens, in part even without involvement of the prosecuting attorneys.

Business Crime Law Firm of the Year in Germany.

White Collar Law Firm of the Year in Germany.